Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hamama Falls

A new hiking adventure awaited for us in the majestic mountains of Kaneohe today. When Isom asked what we wanted to do today, the responses varied.

Gabe: Let's relax and watch TV all day.
Zach: I dunno.
Me: Not hike.

Somehow Isom got his way. We paid him back by shooting invisible daggers at him while we huffed and puffed up the gravelly hills to the waterfall.

But, it was worth it. Fresh mountain air. Sweet smell of guava surrounding us. Tropical mist over the mountains. Exercise. Family time. And lastly, the waterfall. Like fireworks, I find a waterfall is always awe worthy. 

Our pictures don't do it justice but I found myself grudgingly happy we made the trek. Despite the mosquitoes, getting rained on, and the gravel hills. The hills killed me. But, I digress.

This hike was pretty close to being all a paved path. It can get slippery, but on the whole we felt safe...that is if you just ignore the "Posted, no trespassing, keep out" sign at the beginning of the trail. We like to live dangerously.

As it turns out, so do tons of others. We saw lots of folks out for Saturday hiking. Including some Boy Scouts. So I don't feel too terrible about "breaking the law". 

I recommend this hike to those not thrilled with the idea of hiking, like myself. I recommend it to those with kids. I recommend it to waterfall lovers and mosquito lovers. And finally, to gravel hill lovers everywhere. 

Wear grubby clothes (you will sweat like a beast) and shoes with good traction. May I also suggest your two year old NOT wear Crocs. Gravel plus Crocs, terrible combination.

But, be sure to bring your own personal flower picker. And backpack carrier. Mine were the cutest.


  1. That trail looks great, I'm going to drag my family out there tomorrow!

  2. We had a real good time, love you guys:-)