Monday, April 14, 2014

Honolulu Beer...Works

Love trying new places. Love trying new beer. Love date night. Saturday was the opportunity for all three. With the boys tucked in safe and snug with Auntie and Uncle Pommerenk, we were free to eat dinner unencumbered... my least favorite choice for a dinner date. Indian food. I think dinner out means cheese and alcohol being part of the equation. Neither of these was available at Himalayan Kitchen. But, this is not meant to be a bad review. The food, service, and (despite the rain) atmosphere were great. It just wasn't my first choice. Or second. Or third. 

I endured and Isom was very happy, so it was worthwhile. After dinner, we moved on to my first choice locale---the newly opened (less than a week) Honolulu Beerworks in Kakaako.

Barrels and beers and buddies, oh my! We started with a sampling of the nine beers offered. The standout being their IPA. Normally I would have gone for the stout but theirs has an unusual smokey undertone that wasn't for me. To accompany our tasters we tried their smoked ahi dip---this was smokey flavor I could get on board with. 

A trip to the bathroom just as we were about to pay our bill ended up being a surprise reunion with college pals (pictured---the college pal that is, not the bathroom). Soooo...we were forced (laugh) to remain and drink another beer (or two).

Fun times (including the Indian food) out with my hubby, Beerworks, and unexpected date night tagalongs.

You never know who you'll run always be prepared to drink one more beer!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wine With Keanu

...April fools. I'm sure I got you all good. Another month has slipped through my fingers! How is everyone? We are doing well and welcoming the return of spring. It's like a two degree change in temp...a hard adjustment. 

Since I last posted, I traveled to Southern California and back via flight to Phoenix and a 7 hour road trip with my grandma that included a trip to In-and-Out Burger.

Which is clearly blog worthy. On this same whirlwind California trip with Tutu, we ate at my Uncles pizza place Zelo, drank Spanish wine with my great aunt and uncle from New Mexico, danced beside a tee pee at Mike and Arlene's backyard wedding, rendezvoused with Hawaii to CA transplant Lehua and daughter Violet, got hit on in the elevator of the Holiday Inn Express (no picture of that), and laughed so, so much. 

Weddings are always fun, but this one was definitely in the top ten. There was so much joy in the air for these two saying 'I do'. The trifecta of good friends, good food, and good music definitely made for an extra memorable day. And to have gone on a Thelma and Louise adventure to get there? Even better. We didn't drive off a cliff.

So many memories packed into four fantastic days. Here's pictures of what I could pack into this blog post. Enjoy. I did.

Thelma and Louise...aka Larisa and Jeanne. Or as we are known off the road, mom and grandma. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's Been Four Months (Sigh)

This Saturday marks four months since I've written a blog post. Shameful. When I first started this blog, I thought I'd write something clever every day. Then it turned into a couple times a week, which in turn became a couple times a month. It would appear that I am headed to the couple times a year format. It's alarming how quickly motivation can change. I used to sit at my laptop and pour over the words I wanted to share with the world. Then, I poured over my phone, yes, I blog from my phone. And now, I just pour over my phone (damn you Facebook, Instagram, and Candy Crush!) but it's got nothing to do with blogging. I want to change. But change is so hard. I find myself "blogging" in other ways. I share my thoughts and daily happenings in the instant format of picture apps and Twitter and texts. And while I enjoy these forms of entertainment and communication very much, I want to find my way back to blogging...the old fashioned way. Ha ha. If anyone is still following me here, I promise to try to do better. Less paragraphs for Facebook status updates and more cynical remarks and goofy pictures via the blog. I mean, I started eating meat again, saw two Keanu movies in the theater, got a new tattoo...and I. Didn't. Even. Blog. It. 

Did ya miss me? Here's some happenings from the past four months.